In the short run the market is a voting machine, in the long run it is a weighing machine

The Mobius investment club was founded in 1997 and is based in the beautiful county of Yorkshire. The club follows the Proshare constitution, rules, guidelines and HMRC regulations (governing UK investment clubs).

Members of the Mobius club meet on a monthly basis to review the Mobius portfolio and discuss further purchases/sales, stockmarkets, macroeconomics as well as debate new companies, sectors or proposals for the portfolio. 

The club has 12 current members. These can (and are encouraged to) propose shares to the club. An investment case is required for each proposal, followed by a presentation and discussion (Q&As) before a vote takes place.  Through a one member one vote system, shares are voted in or out of the portfolio (buy/sell). The Mobius portfolio has a maximum of 12 slots at any one time. Below is a snapshot of the February 2021 portfolio:

Holdings Holding period % Weight % P/L
Aimia 0 yrs, 4 mths 4% 9%
Chemours 0 yrs, 6 mths 3% 46%
Diploma 9 yrs, 6 mths 27% 262%
Ideagen 5 yrs, 7 mths 38% 481%
Judges Scientific 1 yrs, 8 mths 4% 129%
Marlowe 1 yrs, 7 mths 3% 36%
Oakley Capital 0 yrs, 5 mths 3% 16%
TI Fluid Systems 1 yrs, 5 mths 8% 55%
Tracsis 8 yrs, 6 mths 11% 181%


For its accounting system, the club uses  UVS (unit valuation system), similar to Unit Trusts. The Unit Value (UV) is calculated on a monthly basis (using the last working day of each month as the valuation point for its portfolio and assets). Unlike Unit Trusts that tend to have their valuation once or twice a day, the Mobius UV is valid and in force for a whole month (until next monthly valuation). The Mobius UV was set at 100p at club creation in October 1997.

Members also attend seminars organised by or for investment clubs or for private shareholders, in particular those organised in the North of England. Mobius is  interested in meeting other Investment clubs to discuss clubs' best practice, investment vehicles, charting versus fundamentals etc..

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  • For all other enquiries or questions related to Mobius, investment clubs or this web site, you may contact by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Note that investment clubs are not permitted to offer investment advice. Members of an investment club can only invest their own collective funds.


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