Welcome to the Mobius Investment Club

The Mobius Investment Club is based in Yorkshire (the United Kingdom). Its members mainly live in Leeds, Huddersfield, Bradford and Harrogate. This club was founded in October 1997 and was registered with Proshare since January 1998. Proshare was an independent, not-for-profit organisation founded in 1992 by HM Treasury, the London Stock Exchange and a consortium of major companies to promote "responsible share based investment".

We meet on a monthly basis to review our portfolio and discuss further purchases/sales, the stockmarket in general as well as debate new companies. We also attend seminars organised by or for Investment clubs or for private shareholders, in particular those organised in the North of England. We are always interested in meeting other Investment clubs to discuss clubs' best practice, investment vehicles, charting versus fundamentals etc..

The club has currently 8 members. It uses UVS (unit valuation system) for its accounting. Its portfolio has a maximum of 12 slots at any one time. The graph below shows the performance of the Mobius portfolio over the last five years, compared to two relevant benchmarks on a like for like basis (investments are made on a monthly basis for the same amount).

If you would like to contact us, or interested in joining our club, please email Glyn Johnson or Mourad Kara.

Note that investment clubs are not permitted to offer investment advice. Members of an investment club can only invest their own collective funds.

Last Update 13th August 2018. This Web page is a placeholder: this website is currently under construction and be going through a full remake, aimed for relaunch in Q3 2018. Contact Mourad Kara for queries relating to this.