Investors' Proposals (Reports)

The club encourages members to prepare a report (proposal or toolkit) for every share (equity) submitted for purchase. Both charting and fundamental methods could be used for selecting shares. Not all proposals are available in electronic format. Members can and are still proposing shares using a paper based report (using the Proshare toolkit). However, it is anticipated that over the next year or so, several members will make a migration towards electronic submissions.

The table below depicts the reports prepared and submitted electronically by members of the club. These reports are considered by all club members for a final decision, usually at a monthly meeting (but there are cases where the full decision could be reached by email/phone). All these reports are password protected for members' access only. However, if you wish to receive a copy of any of these reports to see how we complete an e-toolkit, please email Mourad Kara

Systematic portfolio: From May 2006, the club also operates a systematic (also known as mechanical) portfolio: The stock selection relies on a specific set of criteria from a set of markets and sectors. The stocks in the table below with the label SYS are from the systematic portfolio. Shares satisfying all the criteria do not need to go through the normal decision making process of the club. So the output from the selection is a definite purchase. This is currently an investment experiment for the club.

Semi-systematic portfolio: From October 2006, the club also started to operate a new portfolio called the semi-systematic portfolio. See here for more details. The stocks in the table below with the label semi-SYS are from the semi systematic portfolio.

Template toolkit v1.0

Company name Date submitted Author name
Dart Group 20 February 2008 Anita Blow
Telecom Plus 25 January 2008 Bob Croft
Vitec Group (SYS) 19 July 2007 Mourad Kara
Business Post (Semi-SYS) 25 June 2007 Mourad Kara
Senior (SYS) 12 June 2007 Mourad Kara
Delta (SYS) 10 May 2007 Mourad Kara
Styles &Wood (Semi-SYS) 27 April 2007 Mourad Kara
Chime Comms (SYS) 18 April 2007 Mourad Kara
British Energy (Semi-SYS) 22 March 2007 Mourad Kara
Lavendon Group (SYS) 12 March 2007 Mourad Kara
Dimension Data (Semi-SYS) 22 february 2007 Mourad Kara
Tanfield 16 February 2007 Bob Croft
LogicaCMG (SYS) 14 February 2007 Mourad Kara
Ashtead 08 February 2007 Martin Longman
Bodycote 25 January 2007 Bob Croft
Persimmon (Semi-SYS) 22 January 2007 Mourad Kara
LogicaCMG (SYS) 12 January 2007 Mourad Kara
British Energy Group (SYS) 11 December 2006 Mourad Kara
Umeco (Semi-SYS) 17 November 2006 Mourad Kara
Plethora Solutions 16 November 2006 Tony Kaye
British Energy Group (SYS) 9 November 2006 Mourad Kara
Northgate (Semi-SYS) 30 October 2006 Mourad Kara
British Energy Group (SYS) 20 October 2006 Mourad Kara
ICM Computer Group 09 October 2006 Mourad Kara
Hyder Consulting (SYS) 29 September 2006 Mourad Kara
Land of Leather (SYS) 09 August 2006 Mourad Kara
Robert Walters (SYS) 10 July 2006 Mourad Kara
BetonSport (SYS) 14 June 2006 Mourad Kara
Delta (SYS) 10 May 2006 Mourad Kara
Debt Matters 29 April 2006 bob Croft
Hallim Marine Subsea 26 March 2006 Tony Kaye
3i Group 25 March 2006 Martin Longman
BHP Billiton 19 April 2005 Bob Croft
Radstone 20 January 2005 Mourad Kara
Hamworthy 25 November 2004 Tony Kaye
Patientline 04 November 2004 Martin Longman
London Merchant Securities 18 October 2004 Martin Longman
Alphameric 06 April 2004 Tony Kaye
National Grid 05 April 2004 Martin Longman
Retail Decisions 23 February 2004 Raymond Lawson
Victrex 23 February 2004 Martin Longman
NHP 12 January 2004 Mourad Kara
Air Partner 06 January 2004 Mourad Kara
Note that all files (except from "SYS" and "semi-SYS" labels) are compressed and password-protected.

Each member carries one vote (with the usual chairman vote cast in case of ties). Simple majority is sufficient. The voting system is used to reach a decision on a per share-proposal basis (if enough funds are available). If it is anticipated that there may not be enough funds to buy all good (selected) candidates, then another scheme is used: Upon completion of all share presentations, each member selects three shares (out of the pool of proposed shares) and rank them. These are assigned 5 points, 3 points an 1 point respectively. All points are counted for every share, and the top shares are selected for purchase. The range of decisions normally include:

  • Immediate purchase,
  • delayed decision,
  • conditional purchase (e.g. subject to share price reaching a value),
  • request for further information,
  • reject
  • Most share proposals were in the past paper-based, whilst recently members started to consider electronic versions, since these are easier to email to other members as well as easier to update and maintain.