The 1st seven years

Have a look at this overarching review of the club’s activities (1997 to 2004). A shorter version appeared in the Bloomberg magazine (January 2005).





Summary: This article provides an analysis of the Mobius club's first seven years from an investment perspective. First, it examines the evolution of buy/sell transactions over the years. Then, it covers the investment portfolio management and strategies, followed by the markets and sectors in which shares had been purchased. It also investigates the club’s investment and market sentiment. After that, it reviews the club’s return on investment (performance). Finally, it discusses some important issues that the club had to address and refine over time; notably stop-loss agreements, monitoring and share Recommendations.

Fast forward 18 years since its publication, It is interesting to see  how far the club has developed in terms of lessons learnt, in particular in terms maturity of its decision making process, discipline & governance to manage its portfolio. The content of several pages of the Mobius club  website are a testimony that an investment club can indeed be a fantastic platform for individual (private) investors getting together and learn from each other.

The report is available for download (in pdf format, 13 pages, 5350w), the analysis is complemented by charts and graphs.  A shorter version appeared in the Bloomberg monthly magazine (January 2005).

Main Sections

  1. Introduction
  2. Review of Investment Transactions
  3. Amount Per Investment
  4. Portfolio Management
  5. Sectors and Markets
  6. Investment Sentiment
  7. The Unit Value
  8. Return on Investment
  9. Recovery Investment
  10. Stop-Loss
  11. Monitoring
  12. Company Share Recommendations
  13. Summary and Outlook

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