In the short run the market is a voting machine, in the long run it is a weighing machine

The current voting system for asset decisions (buy, accumulate, sell etc..) is a three-point score system 5-3-1 with a minimum 60% pass threshold.

At decision time, each participating member is invited to rate the proposed share by assigning 5, 3 or 1 point(s). The decision is carried if the total number of points from all participants is greater than 60% of the maximum possible.

The club’s operations have been heavily driven by the Proshare constitution and rules, as defined by  the “Proshare investment clubs manual”.

We also define some local rules from time to time to address particular problems or situations. These are normally discussed and elected or cancelled out at the AGM.

Mobius is managed by a number of officers. Some additional roles have been created over time as the club got more experienced.

Furthermore, because investment clubs deal with money and assets, some roles were included to strengthen the level of governance and scrutiny required. 

Here,  you will find more details on each of these roles. 

 Here, meet the the team, some facts & figures, a glimpse into  the day to day running of the club. Some basic guidelines for proper operation were established and then reviewed over time.

The snapshots below include a little bit on size & location of the club, monthly meetings,  accounting principles, periods and packages used as well as minimum monthly investment required.

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