Club Members

The Club officers have been elected to serve until next AGM (November 2015). The chart below (after the table) indicates the Club membership count since its creation.

Hamood Anwar tax officer
Nick Cotton member
Robert Croft member
Karim Djemame performance monitor
Nigel Hill member
David Huston member
Glyn Johnson auditor
Mourad Kara treasurer & webmaster
Raymond Lawson member
Martin Longman member
Simon Schofield member
Tony Scriven chairman
Tom Smith member

Stop/Loss transactions - execution

These are members who sell stocks that hit the S/L or can buy/sell shares within Selftrade - last updated as per Minutes October 2013
  1. Karim Djemame
  2. Hamood Anwar
  3. Martin Longman (stand-by)