What is a Mobius strip ?

The original founders of the Mobius Club (Bob Conley and Bob Croft) being both Science teachers at Roundhay School (Leeds) thought of naming the Club after this strip.

A Mobius strip is a two-dimensional surface with only one side. It can be constructed in three dimensions as follows. Take a rectangular strip of paper and join the two ends of the strip together so that it has a 180 degree twist. It is now possible to start at a point A on the surface and trace out a path that passes through the point which is apparently on the other side of the surface from A.

Mobius was a German astronomer born in 1790. Although he is usually given credit for the discovery of the band named after him, he was actually the second person to publish its description. The mathematician Johann Benedict Listing described the band in 1861, four years before Mobius.